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The ultimate dictionary and vocabulary builder platform. Eloquence starts here.

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    Word Finding

    Our app combines the best of a world-class dictionary and thesaurus. Search for any word or phrase (yes, you can search a definition), and we’ll find the definitions, synonyms, and related words, you’re looking for.


    Daily Learning

    Learning English, studying for a standardized test, or just want level-up your vocabulary? We have you covered with daily vocabulary reminders, suggested words, and over 10k curated flashcards (and growing).

    Optimized Study

    Our team created an algorithm that tailors your flashcard learning experience just to you using an Anki-inspired spaced repetition algorithm. Why waste time reviewing words you already know? We’ll deliver the perfect word at the perfect time.

    Master Vocabulary at Every Level

    Lekses is the Swiss army knife of the traditional dictionary and thesaurus. Lightning-fast and modern, this app will expand your vocabulary, serve as the ultimate writing and speaking word finder tool, prepare you for the next standardized test, and transform you into a more intelligent person.


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    I came across this app from TikTok. After the first use, I immediately deleted my Dictionary app. This app is so much more approachable, simplistic and still provides a plethora of synonyms, antonyms and the definition itself; love it!

    This app is awesome! 5 stars is no joke! You have the option to choose your level of vocabulary, how many daily notifications you get, and gives you so much more than any dictionary app! 10/10 would recommend if you’re looking for a way to expand your vernacular!

    I agree this app has it all and more. Forget googling for hours to find just the right word. Find it here quickly. The developer has thought of everything. Poets and song writers, scrabble players, content creators, students and journalists all have something to cheer about.

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